The Story So Far

WCCF started in November 2016 as a two month challenge. We wanted to see if we could make it to the end of the year buying only cruelty-free products.

We enjoyed this so much that we kept going into 2017. It’s now been four months and we’ve all embraced the cruelty-free lifestyle.

In this blog post, we’re reflecting on how we’re finding the transition.


“I’ve really enjoyed the transition to cruelty-free. I’ve found that it’s really easy to find cruelty-free products as long as you know which brands to look out for and which to avoid. I still pick up most of my makeup from Superdrug, as I did previously, but I’m now going to the Gosh and Sleek aisles rather than straight to the Revlon products. As you can see from my first picture, when I started this journey I had a lot of makeup that wasn’t cruelty-free and I was really disappointed that this was the case. I felt like I had been so blind to the issue of animal testing in the cosmetics industry. However I’ve managed to get lots of new cruelty-free products over the past four months, as you can see from my new picture, and I’m happier now. This challenge made me more interested in the makeup products I was buying and encouraged me to try new things. In the future, I’d like to start buying other cruelty-free products: deodorant, toothpaste etc.”

(In photos below, products associated with animal testing are on left and products not associated with animal testing are on right. I didn’t throw away every product I already owned that wasn’t cruelty-free at the start of the challenge, but I haven’t bought any more.)


“I’ve really enjoyed this Cruelty Free challenge. As a life long vegetarian it’s always been something that is important to me, but I haven’t fully committed until I began this. I would often turn a bit of a blind eye and just pick up the cheapest thing or a “trusted” brand. It’s not until you really look into it that you see how cruel the beauty industry can be. I’m a lot more conscious with my choices now and have realised how easy it can be. As I don’t wear much make up my focus has been more on bath and body products, and my next step is to also look into household products. I’ve really enjoyed exploring what else is out there, and will definitely continue with my cruelty free regime!”


“My journey to cf products has been rather slow and steady but I realised recently that all the makeup products I use in the morning are now cf! Changing all my makeup over has actually been really fun, as well as rewarding! I’ve noticed just how many brands there are out there and it’s opened up so much more choice! I’ve found that I’m much more actively interested in what I’m buying now, rather than simply going to Boots and picking the best shade of “red”, for example. Having said that, Sleek and Makeup Revolution are quickly becoming favourite brands of mine, so I’m still on an affordable budget! Going forward, I’m hoping I can keep this up and not be tempted by pretty products from non-cf brands, and I really want to look more into cf skin care products now!”

(First photo shows entire makeup collection at start of challenge. Cruelty-free products on right. Second photo shows makeup I now use on a day-to-day basis; the majority is cruelty-free.)


“Throughout the last few months I’ve started to incorporate more and more cruelty free products into my daily routine and haven’t looked back. When I started I discovered that a couple of my favourite brands such as Sleek and NYX were in fact cruelty free so I’ve been exploring these brands more and branching out to try others. I don’t actually miss non-cruelty free brands at all and all my non-cf products haven’t been touched in months. I’ve become much more conscious of what I am buying, not just in terms of makeup, but wider consumer products. I’ve just started to buy more skincare products and currently I’m loving Pixi for this. Over the next few weeks I also hope to try more household products that are cruelty free. I see this being more challenging but a great opportunity to discover more great products.”

That’s all from us for now but we’ll keep you updated on our progress. Check out our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for more information on our transition to cruelty-free.


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