The Cruelty-Free Challenge

A big part of this project is to encourage as many people as possible to switch to cruelty-free. We thought a fun way to do this would be by making it a challenge for anyone to take part in. Do you have what it takes?

In doing this our priorities are simplicity, practicality and community. We want it to be simple to take part, easy to adapt to and to create an online community where we can support each other’s progress. This is why we have created the following challenge.

The Challenge.

Can you go 2 months with only cruelty-free makeup? Or even make it through 2017? We believe in starting small towards massive change.

To join us, all you need to do is take a picture of the current makeup or cosmetics that you own, sorting them by cruelty-free status. These will act as #progresspics throughout your switch! Tag us on Instagram or Facebook and watch this space. We will be posting a 30-day plan of baby steps to transform your collection in due course and we would love to see your daily progress. We will be with you every step of the way posting daily encouragement and our own experiences.

To make this easier, we are putting together a starter-pack complete with fact sheets, infographics, wallet-sized flash cards and a directory of key links. We are not pretending to be experts but we want to offer support and guidance any way we can. To receive this just drop us an email.

The first ten UK members will receive all of this, including extra goodies by post! 🙂

Making cruelty-free work for you

We want to make this process easy and enjoyable for everyone. We will be taking baby steps, offering support and guidance along the way and encourage tailoring the challenge to suit your lifestyle. There is no pressure to change every aspect of your beauty regime, whether you decide to go a product at a time or a whole overhaul, we would love to see your experiences. Likewise, whether you are new to cruelty-free or an expert, we would love to get involved in creating a community.

The Community

We want to create a community to support each other as we choose cruelty-free. Becoming a part of this couldn’t be simpler. Every time you post a picture use the hashtag #crueltyfreenotbeautyfree and tag us in your photos. We’ll feature our favourites each week and encourage meeting others to share the experience with. By coming together on Instagram and Facebook we will be able to support each other, share tips and inspiration, and even tutorials on our favourite products. We would also love your contributions for our blog, such as monthly hauls, your thoughts on parent companies or news and updates. We would love to get to know you and why you have chosen cruelty-free.



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