Welcome to our first ever post here at We Choose Cruelty-Free. WCCF started in November 2016 by four friends who wanted to make a simple, yet positive change to their beauty routine. Follow us on our journey to a cruelty-free lifestyle, and join us in making the change. We aim to help you discover that beauty doesn’t have to come at a price.

Could you go two months without all your favourite brands? We are challenging each other to make it to the end of 2016 buying only cruelty-free products. We hope that by the end of the two months we won’t want to go back. If you would like to join us, we’d love to hear from you.

We want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to join in. We’ve made a starter-pack to answer all your questions and are tracking our shift to cruelty-free through our spin on the traditional progress pic. We’d love to see yours!

More details on the challenge coming soon!



13876368_10208971148668297_4573383668894706818_nI’m Eve and I am a full-time pizza addict and part-time social media geek. I’m a recent graduate and I love photography, travelling and stand-up comedy. When I am not buying cute things to decorate my room, or following my cat around the house with a camera, I tend to be online shopping for makeup I can’t afford. I love discovering new makeup brands and in the process of this have realised how big of an issue animal testing is in the industry. Though I already use mostly Sleek and Lush products, I hope that this project will help me discover amazing new brands and products to show that cruelty-free is not at the expense of quality. I hope this project will show just how easy, afforable and fun going cruelty-free can be and I am really excited about sharing this experience.

 My Progress Picture


(left) company tests on animals (right) cruelty-free

I was first shocked at just how much makeup I have that I never use and then surprised at the divide. I hope to see it all shift to the right as I phase out the products that are not cruelty-free



Vegetarian and animal lover who enjoys travelling, theatre and wrapping myself up in as many layers as possible. Tend to stick to what I know so for years I have been buying makeup from a few big brands, such as Rimmel and Revlon. Recently realised that almost my entire makeup collection has been tested on animals. I’m hoping that, by making the switch to Cruelty-Free, I’ll discover some exciting new products without compromising my personal values. I’m already in love with Lush and excited to find new brands which offer stunning guilt-free looks and show the world that we do not need to cause pain in order to feel beautiful.

My Progress Picture


I was really disappointed when I saw how few of my products were cruelty-free; I couldn’t believe how oblivious I had been to the issue of animal testing



15050007_10154745538859310_393976013_nI’m Kerry and I’m a recent university graduate. I love running, musical theatre and rock music. I usually buy my makeup from Superdrug or Boots and it’s usually a case of “pick the thing I like best out of the limited choice”, so most of my current makeup is Rimmel, Revlon or L’Oreal. I’m so excited to be a part of this Cruelty-Free MakeUp campaign because I’m strongly against animal testing but have never been proactive in expressing this belief. As I’m currently unemployed I think the hardest thing is going to be making the switch on a budget… and parting with my beloved Mac eyebrow pencil! It’s early days at the moment, but I already love Gosh lipsticks. Before we started this, I wasn’t aware that testing on animals in China was an obligation for companies who wanted to sell their products there, so I was surprised by just how sneaky big brand companies can be when they say they are ‘cruelty free unless the law prevents it’ and all the while make money by idly allowing their products to be tested on animals whilst claiming to be ethically sound!

My Progress Picture


I was actually surprised that I had more CF products than I thought, but less than I’d like!


19386338-34e6-4883-865a-5c5def67af27My name is Ruth and I am a youth worker based in London. I live with my sister Eve, and our beautiful, if often neurotic cat, Ruby. I enjoy reading, walking and trips to the theatre, that’s if I ever have any money leftover from all the Wagamamas I seem to buy! As a lifelong vegetarian, going cruelty-free seemed like a natural transition for me. I began only buying cruelty-free make up a couple of years ago, although have never completely looked at all of my cosmetics until now. I’ve decided to take this challenge to its full extent, and will be looking at changing everything I use, from makeup to toothpaste to deodorant!
I’ve always been a lover of Lush, and their “Fighting Animal Cruelty” campaign really opened my eyes to the unnecessary tests that take place for the sake of “beauty.” We started this blog to help other like minded like ourselves to make conscious decisions, and to see that cruelty-free doesn’t mean beauty free.

My Progress Picture


I am pleasantly surprised by the amount on my cruelty-free side but I haven’t bought anything non-cruelty-free in years. I think I will miss Bath and Bodyworks and my perfumes the most. I am looking forward to exploring the cruelty-free perfumes that are out there.


We will be back tomorrow with our updates and details on the how to take part! Until then, we will be posting regualr updates on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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